Bykowina Estate, Ruda Śląska, The long-awaited revitalization

For years, many residents believed that this moment would never come, yet everyone anticipated it. The city of Ruda Slaska has restored the brilliance of the passage between Korfantego and Kopalniana streets at Bykowina Estate, with Fulco playing a significant role in this.

A new, convenient bicycle path was created on the passage along with a sidewalk paved with colorful cobblestones. New shrubs and trees were planted, but the most crucial aspect is that the space has been closed off to car traffic. This not only enhances safety on the passage but also prevents the space from being damaged by cars, as was the case before revitalization.

With the emergence of space for cyclists, in addition to a considerable number of SIN017 bicycle racks from the INOXX collection, Fulco also provided two bicycle repair stations, SOR001. Each station is equipped with tool sets, a pump, and a holder necessary for bicycle repairs.

The hexagonal layout of the space posed a challenge in selecting the right benches. However, from experience, we know that a demanding investment requires an unconventional approach. In this case, three different bench collections were chosen for separate blocks, resulting in not only astonishing but also harmonious effects.

The used LED134 loungers from the EDGE collection, finished with sapeli wood and anthracite-colored steel, create a splendid contrast with the TBE143 picnic sets from the BEVEL collection, which combines natural architectural concrete with sapeli wood. The largest segment of the passage is furnished with benches from the SILESIA collection. Six LSI054 benches were arranged in the form of two intersecting triangles, maintaining spaciousness in this part of the passage while ensuring full usability.

Finally, Fulco also had the pleasure of supplying hexagonal planters along with seats of the same shape, imparting coherence and harmony to the space. The ensemble is completed by waste bins from the WAVE collection. The KWA005 bins have a capacity of 35 liters and are also finished with sapeli wood.

We are delighted that Fulco could participate in the crucial and eagerly awaited revitalization by the local residents. The Bykowina Estate has not only a rich and long history, but also wonderful residents who can now enjoy a new, safe zone for rest and relax or playing with children.