One of the challenges faced by the authorities of urban agglomerations is the fight against polluted air in city centers. Probably the best solution is to care for sustainable transport and encourage residents to move around with bikes and scooters. In order to make the use of a two-wheeler more attractive than moving a car, you should first take care of the appropriate infrastructure - build paths, put up bicycle stands and shelters over parking lots for two-wheelers.

The basic bicycle rack is usually made of a bent steel pipe and is attached to the ground by concreting or with anchors. Behind this simple structure, however, there are many variables that must be taken into account at the design stage of the rack. That is why such a variety of shapes and sizes in the offers of manufacturers of bicycle stands.

The Fulco System offer includes bicycle stands in many different shapes and sizes. From the simplest tubular stands, through stands with a wooden lining, to large modular stands, intended for parking many bicycles. Some of them allow you to attach a chain or a cable to the bicycle frame. The construction of others allows for additional securing of the wheel.

Most of our bicycle stands allow two-sided parking of two-wheelers. The stands are so versatile that you can easily attach a large mountain bike and a small city scooter to them.

Our customers most often choose steel stands. They are resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, but also very resistant to mechanical damage. The steel bike rack is also difficult to detach from the mounts or bend. It is safe to say that it is a vandal-proof product.

For the needs of a given project, we can provide bicycle stands painted in a selected color from the RAL palette. The colored stands subjected to this treatment will stand out from the surroundings and give character to the entire investment. Painting the stands can also be purely practical, reducing susceptibility to dirt and making cleaning and maintenance easier.

Wooden bicycle racks also look very original. In this case, the wooden cladding is not only an aesthetic element. Wood in the structure of the stand has a protective function - it prevents the bicycle frame from being bruised when parking it next to the stand. In our constructions, we use popular varieties of domestic wood as well as exotic wood characterized by increased durability.

For investors planning large projects for two-wheelers, we recommend our serial (otherwise modular) bicycle racks. These are stands connected in a longer sequence and designed to allow the most effective use of the space for parking for bicycles. They will prove useful in city centers and at stopping points at bicycle routes.

The creation of bicycle parking lots in cities is becoming more and more popular. On the surface of one car parking space, it is possible to set up as many as eight stands for two-wheelers and additional elements such as a repair station, recycling bin or barrier posts. Increasing the percentage of bicycles in urban traffic is a much needed initiative. It will help not only take care of the environment, but also the health and well-being of every user who turns the car into a two-wheeler.