Greenery in urban space is a topic that is both grateful and difficult. Probably no one is questioning the advantages of trees, shrubs and other vegetation in cities. Problems arise when planted plants, such as trees, damage sidewalks, squares or even road infrastructure. The solution may be to use large city and park pots for planting. Thanks to the pots, it is possible to carefully place greenery in the public space without any threats to the existing infrastructure and in places where direct planting in the ground is impossible.

City pots do not resemble typical home or garden pots in their appearance or structure. These are often very large structures made of solid materials (such as stainless steel or corten), equipped with drainage systems, and even hooks for lifting with a crane. City pots for planting trees can be 3 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. Thanks to this, they are able to accommodate the entire root system of a mature tree.

Of course, there are also smaller city pots, in which ornamental shrubs and flowers are most often planted. The advantage of small pots is that they are relatively easy to carry. They can be successfully used for seasonal display of plants that require specific growing conditions. In cold periods, pots with trees or shrubs can be transported to a greenhouse or a palm house. Street pots are a good solution for renovation and revitalization - during that time, plants can be transported to safe places to avoid damage during construction or renovation works.

The biggest advantage of park or street pots is the possibility of planting trees or shrubs in places where there is no access to the ground. City pots will work wherever passers-by complain about excessive 'concreteosis' and lack of greenery. Paved squares or paved promenades can also become friendly, shaded and aesthetic places. It is all thanks to the possibility of planting plants in large pots. An interesting variant are pots with an integrated seat, which will work perfectly wherever, in addition to aesthetic values, functionality is also important. The pots are supplemented with all kinds of city and park pergolas. Some of them have original forms, e.g. gates made of Corten steel.

The pots themselves, regardless of their content, can also decorate public places. Wooden pots will fit perfectly into park spaces, full of old trees, carefully trimmed shrubs and colorful flowers. Flower pots made of Corten steel are a proposal just in time for loft spaces, modern housing investments and unconventional visions of green architects. The metal pot housing, covered with a rust-like coating, will give character to many projects, including those less commercial. Corten pots are also popular in home gardens and terraces. The pots with seats produced by Fulco are as effective as they are practical. They can take any shape and size, and the wooden casing acts as a bench. We have made such an implementation, among others in Warsaw at ul. Postępu 14.

Stainless steel pots enjoy unflagging popularity. It is a universal material that looks good both as a building material for city and park pots. It is extremely resistant to external factors and mechanical damage. Stainless steel works well in combination with wood decors such as exotic sapeli wood. The inserts for the pots are made of durable galvanized steel. Some pot models have special bumpers, which make them suitable for locations such as shopping centers and malls. Bumpers will protect the pots from being hit by shopping carts.