WAVE x INOXX, The colors of the waves

The revitalization of the swimming pool complex at the Aquasport swimming pool in Brzeg Dolny was one of the most anticipated investments by the residents. The promise of rebuilding and refreshing this place announced by the Mayor, Paweł Pirek, is coming to an end after three years. All works related to the construction of the facility are completed.


FULCO System has equipped the space next to the swimming pool complex with furniture from the WAVE collection, which is perfect for park projects and places of rest. Ergonomic shapes are an invitation to use and give the investment a prestigious character. In line with the recreational nature of the investment, the INOXX series bicycle stands have been installed for people using bikes, which are entirely made of steel and are highly resistant to mechanical damage and difficult weather conditions.


Redesigned area is complemented by custom-made benches, which are made with the utmost attention to detail, and are finished with boards made of the exotic sapeli tree found in the African rainforests. The wood adopts typical mahogany shades: red-cinnamon-maroon. It has a very delicate pattern, and most importantly, it is hard, stable and highly resistant to weather conditions.