It would seem that the city litter bin is an insignificant element of small architecture. But imagine our public space without rubbish bins. What would green areas look like without park bins? We suspect that our surroundings would turn into a huge dump. That is why the presence of waste bins in places where people stay and gather is so important. As a manufacturer of city bins, we equip our products with a number of solutions that facilitate the efficient operation and easy maintenance of municipal services. In addition to the usual litter bins, we also offer bins for dog droppings and municipal recycling bins.

We all want to live in a clean and aesthetic environment. However, we often forget that keeping the common space in good condition depends to a large extent on ourselves. One of the basic behaviors aimed at taking care of public space is throwing out garbage to the indicated places. That is why it is so important to provide the right amount of rubbish bins wherever people are. An aesthetic park bin is indispensable in every park. In every market, a roomy litter bin is indispensable. Every larger lawn should have a bin for dog droppings.

Street and park bins have a rather thankless and demanding task. They are exposed to dirty objects, they have to resist changing weather conditions and frequent acts of vandalism. Therefore, it is important that litter bins are made of durable and solid materials. Our city litter bins are made mainly of stainless steel, which is resistant to unfavorable conditions and mechanical damage. Steel is easy to paint in any color. We make inserts for bins of galvanized steel. Its main advantage is corrosion resistance and no need for regular maintenance.

Concrete city bins are worth attention. However, we do not mean the crude lumps known from the past. Contemporary concrete bins are made of high-strength architectural concrete. This material allows you to create durable forms that are also neat, slender and visually attractive shapes. Thanks to the advanced building material, it is possible to use thin walls in the design of the binmade of concrete.

Contemporary park bins can become an ornament of the designed implementation. Contractors often choose litter bins with wood from our offer. These are practical and functional, but also extremely aesthetic elements of small architecture. They fit perfectly into many projects such as parks, squares, alleys and markets. A good example of an exotic wood bin is our Wave collection.

Our bins have a number of amenities for people who empty and operate them. Virtually all Fulco litter bins are equipped with system locks and separate inserts for individual segments. This is especially important for municipal segregation bins (recycling bins), where the rubbish of each fraction falls into a separate chamber and does not mix.

A good example of utility design are bins with a roof that prevents water from getting inside garbage can. The litter bin with a roof is often equipped with an ashtray, which reduces the problem of scattered cigarette butts.

A complete novelty in the Fulco offer is a litter bin with a filling sensor. This solution is a great help for municipal companies. It allows for more effective organization of work and sending service to places where it is actually required to empty the park or street bin.