City tables, although in appearance to these things in our dining rooms and lounges, are specific products with a specific design and performance parameters. As a state of preservation that became a recognized point, that became an urban standard, it became a strong power for the firm and mechanical power, and became a high standard. After all, no one likes to sit at an outdoor stole, which is simply uncomfortable.

City tables are most often used in combination with matching benches or seats. In the nomenclature of a street furniture manufacturer, such a combination is a picnic set. Placed in parks, squares or markets, they can be the center of social life. Picnic sets consisting of benches and a table will prove themselves in everyday use, but also during any outdoor events such as festivities, family picnics or very popular food truck rallies. Thanks to the presence of this furniture, users can sit down and rest or eat a meal comfortably.

Fulco System is a manufacturer of park tables made of durable and solid materials. All our sets of benches and tables are manufactured on a steel structure, using selected types of wood, such as exotic sapeli and iroko, or native ash and larch. The flat tops of our city tables ensure comfort of use, and the accompanying seats are optimally profiled.

For special tasks, we recommend steel tables, made entirely of this material resistant to damage and degradation. Our sets from the RALL series are often chosen for outdoor in-house canteens and rest areas for employees. Thanks to the appropriate structure, steel tables and seats dry quickly and do not absorb water, like their wooden counterparts. The steel table can also be painted in any color and for easier integration into the interior concept.

The combination of a bench and a seat is a very useful piece of furniture on all hiking and cycling routes. A picnic set for sitting will work in popular resting places for bicycle tourists and in shelters for walkers. At such an outdoor table, you can sit down, regenerate and eat a meal in comfortable conditions.

Outdoor chess tables are a separate category. Practicing this sport has a very good effect on the mental and emotional condition. The possibility of playing a game of chess at an outdoor table is an additional benefit, increasing the attractiveness of this street furniture. We produce outdoor chess tables in sets with comfortable armchairs or seats, or solo. Our park chess tables are made of steel and wood, which will also serve as a decorative element in a given project.

Public spaces equipped with outdoor tables and benches are also ideal places for spontaneous meetings and integration of local communities. Many friendships and acquaintances began with the phrase 'can you sit down?' People are always eager to have conversations at the table, no matter if at home or under a cloud in the park.