The main function of a shelter is to cover a specific part of the area and provide shelter. In public space, we most often find bus, train, tram and other bus shelters for public transport passengers, but bicycle shelters, dumpster shelters and smoking shelters are equally useful. Contemporary shelter (and such can be found in the Fulco System offer) does not resemble a stereotypical metal booth with a roof and glass walls. It is a solid modular structure with an individual arrangement of benches, heating and induction chargers. It is an innovative smart carport with passenger information boards and touch screens powered by photovoltaic panels.

Our response to today's needs of the public transport sector is the world of Intel. It received the prestigious Award of Technical Innovation from the European organization CIVITAS. Intel can take the form of an extensive smart shelter with energy-saving LED lighting and photovoltaics. Its basic version will meet the requirements of investors looking for a cheap bus shelter. Shelters from this series are used, among others, by the inhabitants of Nowa Sól and Piła.

For transfer centers with two-way stops, we have created the Hockey shelters collection. The shelters provide protection against wind and rain in the city center. The compact and modular structure is perfect wherever a versatile platform and bus shelter is needed. The collection also includes a matching information totem. It has a place for marking the stop and mounting a screen for the passenger information system.

We are aware that there is a market demand for a cheap stop shelter. At the same time, we believe that a cheap carport does not have to look bad. Our Light shelters are a perfect example of a simple, inexpensive, but at the same time aesthetic and timeless product. We believe that even a simple carport should look good in public spaces and not contribute to the deterioration of the landscape.

We have designed a wide range of additional equipment for our bus shelters, such as passenger benches, comfortable sit-ups for short stops, bus stop baskets and information displays. We also provide the best DIP and SIP boards on the market.

It should be remembered that the functionality of the shelters is not limited only to the roofing of public transport stops. In the era of the growing popularity of city bike systems, a bicycle shelter is a common element in public space. It is used to cover bicycle stands and protect bicycles against unfavorable weather conditions. It is obvious that urban two-wheelers hidden under a bicycle shelter will be characterized by a longer service life and less susceptibility to breakdowns. Interestingly, this product can also be successfully used as a shed for litter bins.

A quite specific product in our offer is a smoking shelter. It is a specially designed cabin with space for installing an ashtray and an extractor hood. Such a smoking room protects against inhalation of harmful cigarette smoke by outsiders. Remember not to place a smoking shelter near the main pedestrian routes, but rather on the sidelines, where the smoke coming out of the smoking room will not disturb anyone.

Steel shelters dominate the Fulco offer. They are made of painted or raw stainless steel. Thanks to its durability and resistance to external conditions, it is an ideal building material for new bus or tram shelters.

The walls and roofs of our shelters are made of tempered safety glass. Even if the toughened glass pane is broken, it will not pose a threat to passengers and passers-by. An alternative to glass is polycarbonate. It is a modern material resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, including hailstones. Elements of a polycarbonate canopy show high resistance to mechanical damage. They are also lighter than glass, which makes them easier to transport and install.