Benches are undoubtedly the most popular elements of small architecture. The Fulco System portfolio includes many types of benches, seats, armchairs, couches and a squat. We offer benches with and without a back, original stone-shaped seats and comfortable outdoor armchairs. For longer rest, we recommend single and double park sunbeds, and for a quick stop in place - practical and functional free-standing squats.

We can distinguish many types of benches depending on their function, shape or materials from which they are made. The most popular division of benches is the functional one. There are benches with and without a back, couches, armchairs and seats. Another criterion is the purpose of the furniture. Therefore, we will find modern and practical city benches (also known as street benches), stylish and elegant park benches and inexpensive and durable garden benches.

The material of workmanship is also a very important feature. Of course, wooden benches reign, differing in the type of tree species used. High durability and resistance to deformation will be ensured by the performance of the elements of the bench from exotic wood, characterized by high density and hardness. The benches made of domestic wood, such as ash or oak, are also appreciated.

The raw material used to create the base of the product is also important. Concrete benches made of a special mixture called architectural concrete are popular. Stainless steel benches, including painted steel, are also often chosen. They are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions and an easy maintenance process. Modern street furniture is also made of die-cast aluminum. Aluminum benches are characterized by originality of forms, durability and relatively lightness. The conglomerate is a very interesting material. Fulco's offer includes the Lapidem collection, i.e. seats made of marble conglomerate. They look like huge pebbles thrown into the middle of the landscape of urban space. An example of their application is the Market Square in Katowice, where conglomerate seats in the vicinity of city couches create a lively space, loved by young Katowice residents.

Smart benches constitute a separate category. These are modern street furniture - intelligent benches - equipped with a number of functions that improve the functioning of people in public space. There are photovoltaic (solar) benches, benches with a USB charger, heated benches and even benches with a WiFi hotspot. Our SMART street furniture includes a modern Lightbench bench, created in cooperation with the SOKKA design office.

With active people in mind, we have developed the FULFIT line of exercise benches. Each bench in this series is a comfortable park bench that allows you to perform over 40 different exercises at the same time. FULFIT benches are an interesting and inexpensive alternative to outdoor gyms.

An alternative to a typical bench can be a squat. It is a type of street furniture that allows you to rest for a short time without having to sit down. This feature may also be important for older people who have difficulty getting up from a sitting position. Our Śląska Przysiadka was nominated in the 'Śląska Rzecz 2018' competition in the Product category.

We are a manufacturer of park and city benches. The experience of our designers has resulted in many models of comfortable and stylish benches for public spaces. In our offer you will find benches suitable for each type of implementation.