Urbanite concrete

An URBANITE pot in the form of an inverted truncated cone with a diameter of 75 cm at the bottom base, 115 cm in diameter at the top base and a height of 100 cm.

The DUR006.02 model is reinforced with glass fiber and is made entirely of concrete.


The urban planters from the URBANITE collection are a timeless solution with versatile applications. These planters are characterized by a friendly design, unparalleled durability, and impeccable aesthetics that, when combined with greenery, breathe life into spaces. Made of high-quality concrete, the planters in the URBANITE collection are created to seamlessly fit into both modern interiors and vibrant urban areas, adding elegance and character to them.


Dimensions and available materials below.


Fulco System Urbanite concrete DUR006.02 Dimensions


Fulco System Concrete Concrete

Fulco System cooperates with the best producers of concrete mixes. The components of Fulco System concrete are carefully selected to ensure the highest durability of the products, their resistance to external environmental factors and appropriate aesthetic qualities.

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