Aluminum bench without backrest LUMIO

150 cm wide Lumio bench with a wooden seat and a structure made of die-cast aluminum alloys installed on a concrete block.

The LLU150.04 model has no backrest.


The Lumio collection is based on elements cast from aluminum. The use of this technology allowed for the creation of extremely slim side profiles, giving the entire collection an optical lightness. At the same time, the construction material is extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions. The Lumino collection is a response to the demand for street furniture that impresses with its form and impresses with its durability.


Dimensions and materials available below.


Fulco System Aluminum bench without backrest LUMIO LLU150.04 Dimensions


Fulco System Aluminum Aluminum
Fulco System Wood Sapeli

Exotic sapeli trees are found in the rainforests of Africa. The wood adopts typical mahogany shades: red-cinnamon-maroon. It has a very delicate drawing. Sapeli is hard, stable and highly resistant to weather conditions. It is a wood of high density and hardness, showing good mechanical characteristics, especially strength in tension and compression.

Fulco System Wood Iroko

Iroko trees are found in African rainforests. The color of the iroko wood ranges from yellowish brown to dark brown. The advantage of this wood is its strength in compression.

Fulco System Wood Ash

Ash is one of the most valued native deciduous trees. It is light colored wood. Ash is hard, difficult to cleave, and at the same time pliable, resilient and durable. Its technical properties, such as: high hardness or significant durability when exposed to weather conditions, make it recommended for Fulco System products from the domestic trees group.