FULFIT will stretch you, Fitness collection that encourages you to exercise

FULFIT is a unique collection of park benches with a fitness function, which is an attractive and economical way to create a space for exercise, both in city parks, in housing estates and in the vicinity of commercial investments.


The collection was created with the participation of professional athletes who developed sets of exercises for all age groups.


www.FULFIT.pl website was launched with videos on how to properly exercise with the use of elements of the collection. The developed sets of exercises are very simple and intuitive, available for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.


FULFIT combines the features known from outdoor gyms with a comfortable and aesthetic bench. Systematic use of benches with a fitness function may bring similar results as training in outdoor gyms or in a fitness club. It is a great way to spend your free time outdoors. At the same time, the benches themselves are architecturally universal and do not constitute such a clear and not always appropriate element as external gyms, whose urban use in some places is sometimes questionable. All benches with a fitness function are professionally designed and made to ensure that access to this form of physical effort is not only pleasant, but above all safe.



One of the assumptions of the producer of the collection was to enable cities, municipalities, as well as private investors and communities to increase the attractiveness of the area and increase the residents' satisfaction with access to attractive forms of spending free time. The advantage of benches combining relaxation with a fitness function over outdoor gyms is visible not only in the costs of such an investment, but also in the amount of necessary space and adaptation of a given area to equipment.


The benches with a fitness function were appreciated by the jury of the "Śląska Rzecz" competition, which selects the best Silesian products and projects that can confidently compete on the markets, not only with Polish but also with foreign products.


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