WAVE by the shore, Collection that always excites

Riverside area is undoubtedly one of the most attractive place in every city, and so it is this time too. In this case the works covering the preparation of new sidewalks, bicycle paths, greenery and flower planting were completed in 2020. Of course, new elements of small architecture have also been installed, such as benches, hammocks, baskets and bicycle stands.


We are proud of the fact that our company is responsible for the production and assembly of outdoor furniture on the Boulevard. Most of the elements used come from the WAVE collection, which is one of the most frequently chosen by our partners.


An important element of the Boulevard is green. The city did not follow the sad trend of ubiquitous concreteosis and decided to plant about 150 trees and over 1000 shrubs. At the end of the works, two fountains were built on opposite sides of the boulevard. They have glamorous illumination and give shows in the evenings from spring to late autumn.


The boulevard is already intensively used by the city's inhabitants. It serves not only a walk and recreation function. Last year, open-air concerts and social photo sessions were organized on its premises.


The total cost of the works is nearly PLN 24 million, of which over PLN 16 million comes from external funds, including European Union subsidy.