EDGE X CAMELEO, Collaboration that works

Elements of the Fulco System street furniture have been installed in the modern housing estate. The landscape of the area is now decorated with benches, flower pots, litter bins, concrete blocks and bicycle stands made by our company.

The place is distinguished by an elegant and romantic character, which has recently been emphasized by the elements of small architecture made by Fulco System.


Residents can use our benches, litter bins and bicycle racks. In addition, the estate is equipped with pots and concrete blocks, providing each tenant of the estate an unforgettable visual experience.

The benches in the Alfa Park estate in Gdańsk come from the EDGE collection. A bold and modern form is the hallmark of the collection. Its elements give the character and uniqueness of the entire project. Their undeniable advantage is also the modular structure, significantly simplifying transport and assembly.


Elements from other collections, such as CAMELEO, were also used as part of the project. Thanks to its minimalist style, and varying finishes of colors and materials, it is a real chameleon among street furniture. This collection is one of the bestsellers in our offer.


The modern character of the Alfa Park estate in combination with Fulco System products make it a user-friendly and eye-catching place.