PUREGATE2, Automatic disinfection gate

In the era of the ongoing fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, PureGate2 is a response to many problems that have affected our economy and social life. PureGate2 is an automatic disinfecting gate, developed by Fulco System for demanding users.


The most important feature of the PureGate2 disinfection gate is its full autonomy. The complex gate is simply plugged into a power source, and the built-in hydraulic systems and sensors will take care of the rest. The door assembly itself is very intuitive and fast. Two inexperienced people should deal with it in less than an hour.


The operation of the gate itself is just as simple. It is enough to replenish the disinfectant regularly and maintain the elements in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Our disinfection gate can be used indoors and outdoors (in positive temperatures). Its external panels can be used as an advertising medium - there is an option to apply any print on them.


The biggest advantage of PureGate2 is its versatility. Thanks to its small dimensions and weight, it can be quickly transported between locations. It will also fit in most of the buildings.

Equally important, the gate is already functioning in public space and has proven itself during sports events, fairs, securing employees and clients of private companies and local government units. The gate can be successfully used in the transport industry, gastronomy and health care. It will also be a great solution for companies that are looking for solutions to increase employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We encourage you to watch the video presentation of the gate: